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Kevin sings all the parts to the theme song from "Bum Runners" (3 min)
download mp3 (1.7M)

Character demo (5 min)
download mp3 (4.5M)

Commercial demo (77 sec)
download mp3 (1.2M)

Teaser remix of commercial and character (60 sec)
download mp3 (1.0M)

Kevin is BOTH of the old men in this spot for Zoom Tan
download mp3 (709K)

Kevin is trying to stay out of debt by doing a little spot for Official Payments and Visa
download mp3 (381K)

One of Kevin's radio commercials for Odor Eaters (see the videos page for TV spot)
download mp3 (520K)

Kevin is the voice of Pokemon Center
Kevin is a turtle in commercials for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures 1 2
Kevin is the voice of Fuzzy Posters

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Mel Blanc was an amazing man