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For all of my coaching and editing services, I offer a free 15-minute assessment call. We will talk about where you are in terms of your career, what you are looking for in a coach and/or your editing needs, and I will tell you about my teaching and editing style so that you know what to expect. Free... now that's a great value!

Audition Coaching -
(on camera and voiceover)
adults and children

Kevin is the voice of Tokkori on "Kirby"
Through more than 10 years of experience auditioning, nearly 20 years as a college professor and tutor for children, as the assistant director of an acting workshop for people age 5 to 25, and as a director of sketch comedy, I've developed a keen ability to work with performers of all ages.
I offer:

  • Coaching for your first audition- You got the call, now what?! Specifically designed for those new to the business (adults or children and their parents!)
  • Audition coaching- camera technique, script analysis
  • Voiceover coaching- microphone technique, copy analysis
Schedule your free 15-minute session now!

Makeover your Image -
design and editing of marketing materials

In developing my own marketing materials, I was one of the first actors to switch from black and white to color headshots, from cassette to CD, and from VHS to DVD, as well as one of the first to have a personalized, custom web site with online reels. I read the trades and am active auditioning. I have worked for a leading commercial casting director and have assisted in the casting of a Broadway show- I know what casting directors are looking for and have the technical ability to assist you in the development of your marketing materials.
Are you just starting out and keen to make a great first impression?
Are you a seasoned actor for whom things have started to stagnate?
Ready to get your headshot and resume to the top of the pile?
I offer:
  • Demo reel production services- I can edit clips of your work (from DVD, VHS, or online) together, add a music score and custom titles and contact information, and export to DVD, QuickTime, YouTube, and email formats.
  • VO reel production services- I can edit clips of your work together and/or record your voiceover demo at my studio in Queens (includes coaching), and export to CD, DVD, and mp3.
  • Resume editing services- I can design your acting resume or give your current one a makeover.
  • Postcard design and production- You want to keep in touch with agents and casting directors, so you need a killer postcard. We can develop a full-color mailing without breaking the bank.
  • Database development- Need help with putting your contacts in a computer database that's easy to use so you can send out custom mailings quickly? Let's do it!
  • Web site design- You need your own web site. You don't need to overpay for one. 'Nuf said. Sites I've coded, in addition to the one you're looking at, include: www.chapnicklaw.com, www.robynlove.com, www.kolack.com, www.harleysonline.biz, www.legacyfarmcohousing.com
Schedule your FREE meeting to pinpoint how I can customize my services to meet your needs when we work together. Click here to get started and Makeover Your Marketing Image!

The Business and Technology of Acting

Periodically, I offer a 90-minute "boot-camp" style seminar which provides you with the information you need to take your career to the next level. Don't let your fear of technology or lack of expertise with computers hold you back from having the career you want.

I prefer to coach in person, but if you're not in the New York City area, we can work together via Skype, or Liveperson: