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Kevin's 1-minute comedic video demo (speedreel)
Newly updated!

Kevin's 1-minute dramatic video demo
Newly updated!

Kevin's third appearance on Law & Order:SVU

A music video parody of Nickelback's Rockstar - Kolack's Pornstar

The pilot of "Pigeon 'n Me"

Kevin was at work with the Tasteless Choice boys again, making a spec commercial for the NY Islanders

Kevin's appearance in Season 8's premiere episode of Law & Order:SVU

HR Pukenshette the short is being made into a feature film! Now you can watch the previews, some of which Kevin edited in addition to being HR!

Kevin wrote, directed, edited, etc this 90-second short.
What would happen if Charlotte from Charlotte's Web had been the radioactive spider in Spider-Man and had bitten Wilbur instead of Peter Parker? Check out Spider-Ham

Kevin's Sopranos parody is completed. Visit The Falsettos family.

Kevin has been doing some work on Long Island with the Tasteless Choice boys.
Check out The War Against Terror

Kevin made a 60-second short for submission to film festivals at both the IFP and IFC Check it out

Kevin wrote, directed, edited, etc this 90-second short. What would happen if the Halloween toys finally had it with XMas decorations going up early? Check out this news story

In a moment of juvenile filmmaking, Kevin made an 18-second commercial for Grace's Cock Flavoured Soup

Kevin is meteorastrologist Jim Bumble at The Weather Station (short- 35 seconds)

This sketch was part of Shameless, which aired on MNN in the late 90's-early 00's, one of a series of bar bits (short- 36 seconds)

Kevin is "Rappin' Hitler" in Andy Samberg's Mime Kampf

Once upon a time, Kevin saw an audition for Tom Cruise, Mr. T and Pamela Anderson look-alikes. Knowing he doesn't look like Tom, on a lark, Kevin auditioned to be Mr.T... The good folks at Eyeboogie (makers of pop up video) were impressed with his audacity, and the result was Open Call

Kevin is "The Questioner" in Get the Hell Out of Heaven

Kevin is "Mr. Smith" in I'm Croquet, You're Croquet

Kevin is "Rusty" in Watchmen

Kevin is "Patrick" in the silent film Turn

Kevin's views on slime, puppets, and movies from the set of HR Pukenshette
Kevin is all over the Stream57 demo
(yes, that's his voice at the beginning!)

Dangerous Hospital episodes are here!! (well, some of the 18)
We all know what network show ripped it off, but you can finally see the original here.
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3- part 1
Episode 3- part 2
Episode 4- part 1
Episode 4- part 2
Episode 5
Episode 6- part 1
Episode 6- part 2
Episode 7
Episode 9
Episode 15
Episode 16
Episode 18

Kevin's preview parody of Spielberg's Munich

Click here for a larger version of the parody poster above

Kevin's commercial for Brokeback Mountain

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