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Kevin was interviewed on p.32 of the Fall 2010 issue of the Indiana University Chemistry Department Alumni Newsletter. (view article)

Kevin was featured on p.68 of the September/October 2010 issue of the Indiana University Alumni Association Magazine. (view article)

You are the real star of this film. My kids have watched it 50 times and they repeat all of your lines. Your facial expressions make them crack up every time- they just love your character!! I must say I was right about you- you are a real genius of an actor.
--Jordan Wachtell, creator/producer, Little Indiana Jones

...the dynamism of Kevin Kolack made this an unforgettable evening of theatre.
--J. Lim, on the Pan Asian Rep's staged reading of Richard Chang's "News to Amuse"

"Iíve never seen anyone pick up cues as fast as you, Kevin. You should give a master class." Ellen Parks, CSA, 3/18/04

I have been working with Kevin for several years and I am pleased every single time, on every single project. He's a great guy who gets the job done and is extremely easy to work with. I highly recommend working with him. You rock Kevin!
--Joseph McConnell, writer/director, Jumping Up and Down

Dr. Kolack is a brilliant communicator, instructor, and performer, unanimously adored. I can think of nobody in my forty years in this industry I have enjoyed working with more.
--Peter Sklar, Producer, The Kid Who Played the Palace

Announcement for Kevin and Jami Simon's performance in the Poconos on 1/9-10/09 in the 1/8/09 edition of Diamond City Weekly, Northeastern PA's premiere arts and entertainment weekly paper. (text-only pdf)

Kevin was interviewed by the New York Daily News for his participation in the Sunnyside Film Festival, September 3, 2008. (text-only pdf)

Ralph the Puppet's video She's Always a Puppet to Me gets a big mention in the Columbia school of Journalism's paper September 7, 2008.

Interview with gaming/anime site NiSuTe, September 2008.

Kevin was featured on the August 6th, 2008 edition of Nightline, and on the homepage of tv.msn.com for several weeks for his involvement with the New York Reality TV School.

Kevin was hired by the NY Reality TV School to make a scene during a class which was covered by ABC's 20/20. The video is on a different page, but the print version of the July 28, 2008 story is here.

Kevin & Diane's wedding was covered by the Daily News.

More coming soon!